C’est La Vie

i’m usually like to write.. write my experiences.. my anything. some friends told me that i’m sanguinis. they said that sanguinis person always had many topics to talk. i really don’t know what it is but i actually know what they mean. SO that’s why.. i love to write.. when i’m writing, i can explain anything that i want. my expressions, my attitude and my behavior. for some people unique as I am saw me like I’m usual like them. But for some other people who has a differences type saw me like I’m an idiot. I have so many dreams, so many hopes, so many philosophy in my mind. And sometimes they were not understanding me. I don’t know whether i’m proud or sad to have this uniquely me. I’m the one and only. I’m not a copycat. And I really hate for being not myself. I’m free! HAHAHAHAHA.. I can Laugh Out Loud as LOUD as I can do it! You know? I don’t have to pretend to be somebody else. I don’t have to try to loving someone who doesn’t even care about me!! But look.. Triple amazing! I have many friends, I have Jesus in my life.. I have papa who always taking care about me.. I don’t have to chase another love because i don’t need it yet.

I’m enjoying to become a single fighter. I am move on with my ways.. I am move on no need to find another runaway love! I’m so stronger.. I’m so proud to be myself..

For now.. My mission is to get my lovely life back! Quite simple is it?!


First time Red Velvet Cupcake

red velvet cupcake


My first red velvet cupcake.

Kenapa gue bilang gitu? Karena gue belum pernah coba cake ini. Gue mikir rasanya pasti manis aneh gitu. Nah kebetulan kemarin kita dapat masing-masing satu cupcake manis ini untuk merayakan ultah salah satu kolega kerja gue.

Pas gue coba.. hmmm.. enak! Belum whipped cheese cream nya yang rasanya agak asin dan asem. Dan gue jadi tertarik untuk coba buat.

Tapi yang jadi masalah adalah.. gue ga punya oven T.T

But anyway,, kalau gue baca-baca blog resep macam “The Urban Mama” or else.. itu ternyata ga gitu sulit memang. Tapi banyak ingredients yang pastinya gue harus beli terlebih dahulu. Ada apple cinegar, cheese cream.. dan masih banyak lagi..

Oh oh gue juga akhirnya dapet spinach cream. Hmm yummy! apalagi kalau didampingi dengan steak. Dan banyak lagi. Rasanya nih tangan gateeel banget pengen nyoba satu demi satu. Tapi ya itu tadi kendalanya gada oven.. Cape deh –“